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Speak Up and Speak Out


Recordings will be available after the Summit. 

SUSO 2023 Handouts

Thursday, October 5, 2023:
Beth Davis, Mary Hettel, Kenneth Powers, and Mary Suggs - "Peer to Peer Bridging the Gap through Self-Advocacy"

Mary Matthews, Ebony Payne, Barb Pritchard, and Lyndsay Sullivan - "Changing the Law in Illinois. A Roadmap to Change for People with Disabilities"

Leanne Kenworthy and Anne Thurston - "Choosing to Move Forward: How Self- Advocacy Builds a Better Future"

Thursday, October 5, 2023:

Keynote - Liz Weintraub - "My story: How do you get from here to there"


Erin Compton, Robert Hendershot, and Morgan Bucciferro - "Play ball: Angels for Higher Changing the Game of Inclusive Employment"


Timotheus Gordon, Piyush Mishra, and Jae Jin Pak - "Virtual Future is Now: An Online Training Program to Plan for the Future"

Tonya Piephoff, Director, Division of Developmental Disabilities

Curtis Harris, Julie Nelson, Vincent Smith, and Julie Verdu - "Supportive Housing"

Tavarus Wesley and Krescene Beck - "Being a Board Member can Help Build a Better Future"

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