Speak Up and Speak Out


Handouts for SUSO 2022 will be available in October. Recordings will be available after the Summit. 

SUSO 2022 Agenda

Thursday, October 20, 2022:
Keynote: Leigh Ann Davis and James Meadours - "Never Give Up! Using Your Passion to Change the World...One Person at a Time"

Carole Rosen, Da Wen Mei, and Bebe Novich - "Your Vote Matters!"

Meg Cooch, Leanne Mull, Bob Peterson and Tavarus Wesley - "Great Time for The HCBS Settings Rule!"

Timotheus "TJ" Gordon - "Creating Brave and Fun Spaces for People with Disabilities"
Marcus Kennedy, Tim Ortiz, and Tim Stone - "Self Determination: A Creative Problem Solving Practice"
Amy Foster, Erin Compton, and Katy Guen - "Special Olympics Illinois"

Friday, October 21, 2022:
Keynote: Max Barrows - "It's Our Time! Together We Can Take on the Challenges the World Gives Us"

Curtis Harris, Julie Nelson, Vincent Smith, and Julie Verdu - "Supportive Housing"

Carole Rosen, Tia Nelis and Jae Jin Pak - "Going Home Coalition - Important Lessons in Advocacy"

Bob Foster, Teresa Parks, Iris Pickens, Consuelo Puente, and Adam Wiser - "Making Your Own Decisions"

Donna Ennis, Deanna Everhart, and Rachel Smith - "Tips for Planning Special events: Let Your Voice be Heard!"

Speak Up and Speak Out

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Thursday, October 20, 2022

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